New at the Sanctuary

This winter has been crazy!!!! We know we are a young sanctuary, but these past few months have seen our largest intake of animals all desperately in need.

Within the space of a week and half we have rescued a blind baby goat, a blind calf, a goat family and 2 orphaned lambs – one with a broken leg,

The latest rescue is one we surely were not prepared for, with 6 male calves only a few days old who were due to be culled within 24 hours – there was no time to think, hence here they are!

Sanctuary life has become unrecognisable, there is not a moment to stop at all – there are so many mouths to feed, medicine and special attention to be given, John and I are simply run off our feet – but we must go on for the sake of these animals who were simply born the wrong sex, species, or had something wrong with them – meaning they were not valued and were to be disposed of.
We truly hope that these animals can share their stories with the world and show how truly worthy they are, that they are souls who deserve a life and love just like your pet dog and cat.

get involved

Be part of something special…

We are at the beginning of our journey and want to invite everyone to come along with us and help us to rescue as many animals as we are able to accommodate – we won’t be able to do this without the love and support of the community.
It is a unique situation we are in, that we are laying the groundwork to start rescuing and wanting to set up our sanctuary so that it is sustainable.

As we grow there will be opportunities for people to visit us, volunteer with us, adopt or sponsor an animal, we want people to feel connected to the animals’ journeys and the work we are doing.



Acknowledgement to country

We acknowledge the country in which we are upon today, which belongs to the Yorta Yorta people. We recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay respect to their elders past, present and emerging.